Keep from getting sick and nose bong

Hey GnR just hearing the first 10 minutes before heading off to work, had to comment on these two. First, to keep from getting sick, STOP with the antibacterial stuff. It kills the good bacteria too that helps you, and if you already kill off all the bacteria before it has a chance to get into you, then your immune system has no chance to build up. By all means wash your hands and get clean, especially if you’re in a vile situation, but on regular day to day events there’s no need for it as long as you’re not shoving fingers in your mouths and in your eyes. If you do keep up with the antibacterial washing, then you’ll have to keep it up all the time and wash everything down, like Conway.

If you do get sick though and you’re feeling shitty, then my dad has something called the Kurtz Elixer. It’s a mix of I think whiskey, some bourbon, maybe one other in a shot glass. Down the hatch after a shower, and knock out for the night. I’m not completely sure what’s in it so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Randy, you’re not the first to figure out to sniff pot through your nose. I was watching The League last night, my favorite show now, and in episode 4 I think it was when they went to a spa. Taco mistook the oxygen mask for a nose bong, and later on in the episode Taco pops out of the bathroom with it shoved up his nose sniffing the pot.

I’ll be listening more later on, hear ya later!