Jury Duty

O Randy Randy Randy!!!! LOL LOL I did the same thing….I threw my Jury service away so many times and they finally caught me!!  I have no idea how.. but they basically told me I had to come in or they’d fine me :/ It does suck when you don’t get paid for it….but when I did go I did get on a murder trial…it wasn’t too bad…my job paid for my time off and I got the check from the court!! Hehehe opps maybe I shouldn’t have said that..Please don’t post this all my co-workers listen! LOL…O  And I totally agree with G!! Jury people suck major booty!!! I would not trust those people with my life for anything!!!!!

Well I just wanted to let you know…I tried the same thing but it didn’t work…they always find you L

P.S I love the Fuck it look!!! Not a fan of the shirts..I really think they make you look more chunky…but hey whatever you wanna do and makes you happy!! But the beard and piercing I love mucho!!!

Love you guys!! And keep doing what you’re doing!!