Joplin MO tornado

Hey guys, I wanted to check in and let you know that I survived the May 22 tornado in Joplin, MO. I haven’t been able to listen since Friday because my Mac was destroyed in the storm. As a listener, I feel like you guys are close friends, and I want to share my story just like you share yours on a daily basis.
Saturday was a big day, I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and my husband graduated college, so I planned on relaxing all day Sunday. Sunday night rolls around and I’m laying in bed, watching The Killing on AMC and downloading Fridays PGP, when the tornado sirens go off. My husband runs inside with our two dogs and we pack up to go to my parents house about a mile away. As soon as we get there it seems like it gets bad fast; before I know it all we hear is a loud whistle. We start to head outside to the storm shelter, but we see the wooden privacy fence around the pool blow away. So mom, dad, me, my husband, and a total of 3 dogs are crouched in the stairs when the tornado hits. As I’m holding on to both my schnauzer, my mom and her dog, I look up and watch the hall ceiling blow away. It all lasts a few seconds, and we knew the house was gone. We immediately go outside to check on everyone and survey the damage. The roof over the entire second level is gone, every tree in the yard is down and the pool house in the back yard is literally in the pool, wiped clean off the slab.
After making sure everyone in the neighborhood is safe, my husband walks to our home. He returns an hour later with a duffel bag of the only necessities he could grab. We walked up to our church, where my husband works, to find the sanctuary gone, but the children’s wing filled with wounded people. On Saturday after the wedding, we put out bouquets in vases to decorate the church lobby, and they were eerily untouched, did not move an inch.
We later met back up with my parents and moved into my aunts house. It’s been almost week now and we are trying to work out insurance. Going back home is hard, my home was lifted off the ground and thrown 8 feet away from where it originally stood. My husbands camaro was picked up and thrown upside down, and landed with a telephone pole on top.
The hardest part is loss of control, not knowing where you’re going to sleep, not having anything to wear the next day. And nothing can prepare you for that. The couple who married on saturday realized after talking to me that I was in shock, so they postponed their honeymoon to salvage what I had given up on. I could never repay them for digging through the rubble to find my wedding box, and washing almost all of my clothes.
There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. The hospital I work for took a direct hit, but our parent company intends to build the largest hospital in it’s system, which more than guarantees I still have a job. My husband and I will be able to rebuild a larger home than we had. And I found my running shoes and finally downloaded a weeks worth of PGPs, I’m going for a very long run in the morning!