In defense of Gina and Not

Gina, Randy and Elijah,

Randy once again has no clue what he is talking about.  I would love to see him try to hit the same spot twice in a row with a 9mm.  If it is any consolation for Not, you can tell him a random person that he has never met before thinks that is impressive.

Now onto my defense of Gina.  I too don’t understand the 9 mm being called a “girly gun”.  If people are trying to say that there are bigger guns than the 9 mm then, yeah, I guess it is a “girly gun”.  Then I guess by that same token a hellfire missile is a girly missile because well you know there is always a nuke we can use.

Hyperbole aside it doesn’t make sense for people to start learning how to shoot by picking up a .45 or some “manly gun”.  I applaud Gina and mostly Not for being smart and letting Gina work with what she is comfortable with.

I could rant more, but I’ll spare everyone.

Gina keep shooting those “girly guns”.  Just have fun and be safe.