I think I figured it out

So ummm….I’m still WAY behind in my podcasts, but at least I’m listening.
Anyway, back in January, someone commented that your podcast was too loud and you poo-pooed their email and said it was from some old person who thinks everything is loud…and actually, from a young person, it is a little loud.  BUT, before you poo-to-the-poo me, I think I’ve figured out why its so loud, it’s because Randy, you yell, ALL the time.  It sounds like you’re not on nodding terms with your “inside” voice.  And Gina, when you get excited (which is quite often) you yell to.  And as opposed to self regulating and pulling away from the mic a bit, you just roll on yelling this and that and us poor earbud wearing folk have to endure the yelling.
I’ve found that it’s only noticeable when I’m listening with my earbuds (which is most of the time since I listen at work).  However when I’m in my car and you’re piping thru the car it’s okay, but I think it’s because the car adjusts the volume according to road noise, or whatever, so I don’t have to adjust accordingly.
However, when listening with my earbuds, I have to do a lot of turning down the volume and then turning up the volume depending on who’s talking (which is a bit irritating).  Randy – volume down; Elijah – volume up; show guests – don’t have to touch the volume; Gina – it vascillates depending on her mood.
That’s just my two cents…simmah down with the yelling and I think we’ll all (especially those of us rocking the earbuds whilst listening to the PGP) be peachy keen!