I stayed at Primm!

I stayed at a Primm Valley Hotel!
So the deal is this….
A loooong time ago, my cousin and I were bouncing around ideas on what we should do for New Year’s.   We were both about 21 or 22 years old.  The day before New Year’s Eve we thought it would be pretty damn fun to just do a spur of the moment trip to Vegas for New year’s.
We tried booking some hotels on the strip but EVERYTHING was booked.  So we were like, screw this, that’s not gonna stop up.  We came up with the idea of just staying at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel & Casino in Primm so we at least had a place to sleep when we got to that point.
It wasn’t the worst idea at the time because we were young, it was cheap, and we didn’t mind driving 45 mins to Vegas when we woke up or when we were coming back.  Plus, we hit up the outlets before we went home.
It’s pretty funny to think that I actually stayed there once.  I just went to Vegas like 3 weeks ago and now am at the point where I’m able to stay at places like the Bellagio, etc..  Muuuuuch better upgrade than Whiskey Pete’s but hey, Whiskey Pete’s did serve it’s purpose for me once in my life and plus, it’s got a good name 🙂