Hydrox is no knockoff!

Hey G&R&E,

I hate to be that jerk who’s always correcting insignificant mistakes…oh wait. I love to be that jerk. Anyway, on the topic of prison cakes, Gina mentioned that Hydrox was an Oreo knockoff. HOW DARE YOU! Hydrox came out 4 YEARS BEFORE Oreo. Don’t believe me? From the Wall Street Journal, January 19, 2008:

“In college, when friends ridiculed her for preferring the cheaper knock-off Hydrox to the real thing, she did some research. Among her findings: Hydrox was created in 1908 by what would later become Sunshine Biscuits Inc. That was four years before the National Biscuit Co. (later called Nabisco) came up with the similar Oreo. Oreo was the knock-off.” Take THAT, Oreos.