How I found the PGP

G, R & E,

In the beginning, I was a Mail Man, listening to anything I could download
to pass away the time.

My first experience with the PGP was listening to the Pretty Good Lost
Cast, and trying to figure out what exactly was happening on that damn
island. I enjoyed how Randy was over the top excited to talk about it,
like a 4 year old special needs child telling you about his day, while
Gina was apparently not that into it from the start.  It was all Randy
could do to keep her focused on the current episode of LOST, but it was
quite entertaining. But I must say that later on, Gina jumped the shark by
becoming a LOST expert during her marathon viewing.

Thankfully, Randy cannot talk for more than 5 minutes without name
dropping  his favorite keywords:

Pretty Good Podcast
Tim Conway Jr Show

This lead me to want to hear every word that Gina & Randy would say. I
found a world that I never knew existed. And I totally appreciate that.

Keep up the good work & congratulations on the full time job, Randy. You
are always reinventing yourself, and this time I think you got it right.
Gina, we have watched you grow and become a more confident person. And
Elijah, you really add to the show with your opinionated one word
commentary. GREAT JOB!