Holy shit you guys…

Dear PGP:
I want to start out by exclaiming I really love you all…but after listening today I’ve got to say holy shit you guys are a bunch of pussies. Im a 31 yr old woman. I teach hunters safety and I also teach a private courses for beginners in my freetime. Gina I am truely proud of you for taking up shooting. Here is the big BUT… For the love of god a 9mm is a girlie gun, really. Here is what my challenge is to you the next time you go and this is what I would expect from one of my students:
.38 revolver then shoot .357 revolver (if you can get the Ruger SP101 because it shoots both)
Then I want you to shoot a .410 shotgun (its the smallest they would have.) Please remember to really hold the shotgun tight against the area between your collarbone and shoulder the entire pad should be against your body.
Just a tiny terminology lesson-its not a “bullet” you load its called a “round.” So the next time you go up to the counter you say “I need 25 rounds of .357 and 25 rounds of .38 my good sir.” Please always be safe. Oh and as far as the pervert, you could do what I did to my peeping tom:
1) get a paintball gun
2) shoot his car (or him like i did) and call into the local radio station asking people to call in w/ his liscense number (or say there is a pervert covered in paint where is he call it in). Im kidding don’t do this you may get in trouble.
Love you guys.
Cherie R.