Hey guys

     i have been listening to you guys while i work my savvy night shift job and just saying you guys are great. its clear to me that you guys get along well and love doing things like this together and whatever your doing is working well,  so keep up the good work i have a podcast myself and since i have no radio service background at all i am having a hard time doing so. plus im building a house as of right now, its been a couple of rough years with it but im moving in wednesday and guess what….i have a studio right there in the house so that helps with the money issues..
    Also randy im so jelious of you because im 22 and weight 135 lbs i wish i had your build so i wouldnt be so afraid of getting my ass kicked all the time, and gina why couldnt you live here in ohio so i could be as lucky as randy and have you around 24/7 lol but on a serious note along with my radio studio i have a tattoo studio right in my house and just yesterday i got a call from a friends friend and they wanted to know if i could do a tattoo of a podcast picture on their leg and yes you guessed it right its your shows logo i told him no until further notice… anyways just saying hey here in ohio and to tell you that the show is awesome love you guys take care and keep up the good work
                                                                                                                                                      your craziest listener