Hey Bif, What’s For Dinner?

Hey Gina, Randy and Elijah,
OMG, I had to turn the episode off so I could stop laughing in my cubicle!!!  Cristin Ray is a spitting, scratching DUDE stuck in the body of a Barbie doll, and it’s comic GOLD.
Minnesota/Wisconsin accent + vulgarity – shame = one of the greatest episodes of the PGP in recent memory.  Bring these ladies on the Gina & Randy Show, please!!!
Gina, that roleplay with you as Cristin and Cristin as her mom (oh, nothing) BLEW MY DICK OFF.
Had to let you guys know before the buzz of the episode wore off.  This is exactly why I listen everyday.  I’ll carry the phrase “invisible vagina” with me forever.
Your humble peep,