Hello Hello!

Hi Gina, Randy, and Elijah!

I’ve been a daily listener for the last year and a half. Love the show! I found you guys through your joint podcast with The Parent Experiment. Although I haven’t been a fan of theirs since “O Nothing” Teresa Strasser left. She was awesome!

I’m a wedding photographer and commute a lot. I listen to your show any time I’m in the car. So, good story, I was listening to your Boom Flashy Flashy show a couple weeks ago while driving to a wedding. I had a perfect driving record (sorry Gina!) and as I’m listening to your show about speeding tickets I got pulled over! My very first speeding ticket. I admit, I deserved it. The cop was really nice and lowered it down to only 1 point. Very ironic!

Anyways love you guys! Thanks for all the great entertainment. I hope to be over in LA sometime so I can attend one of your events! Maybe someday you guys will come to Denver. Randy does need a vacation!