Hello from Finland!


Im a longtime listener from Finland, Lapland (google it if you will) Im living here with my Belgian husband and our two year old child. Thank you for bringing sunshine to my long, cold (for weeks it was -20 to -30 celcius) depressing and dark winterdays and we get only hour or two of sun everyday during winter.

Its getting better now when spring is arriving, but then in midsummer sun does not go entirely down AT ALL, and its really really hard to sleep then in full light. Well, you cannot have it all, nature and people here are great.

I love that you like Angry birds, its originally from Finland. Gina, its very entertaining for my husband to hear stories about your travel in Belgium and for Randy I suggest to try Finlandia Vodka, it was just chosen to be best vodka http://www.ultimate-beverage.com/wine_reviews/spirits-results/ I would send a bottle if could.

I would want to say much more, but better to keep this short 🙂 I listen your podcast every night before going to bed, thank you for cheering me up and helping to get rid of all the negative things that bother my mind.