Greetings from Northern Virginia

Hello to the great randini and the great ginadina? Not sure if the second one works as well.  Anyway, I have been listening to your podcast while I work modeling…3D modeling metal parts that is!  Not quite as cool as modeling for Armani but oh well.

Usually I listen to quite a bit of rap and grunge at work as Jedi Mind Tricks and Alice In Chains makes the day go by fast, but ever since I started listening to your podcast, I find after one or two songs I have to switch back to the PGP.

The guys from the potcast seem to like rapping, Jedi Mind Tricks is very sort of underground without being hipster elitist underground.  Those hipsters and their music, pfft.  My brother is a hipster…not quite to wearing girls pants like Randy’s brother.  Feh.

I empathize with Randy as I myself am very awkward and only in the last few years have I really had a better self esteem.  Randy has “The Secret”, I have weightlifting, but any means to an end works.  I had listened to the more recent episodes and then I went backwards to listen to the episodes leading up to “Apolonia” and it’s awesome to see Randy go from the drunkcast and feeling bad to feeling great because he’s got a girlfriend!

I was cracking up when he looked at you googley eyed and you said “Are you going to eat me?”.  You and Randy have a great banter!

I had listened to the 2010 podcast where you talk about the high holidays, unfortunately I live away from my parents and my employment situation isn’t really stable enough to take time off to go to schuel.  I can’t really stand kugel, I don’t have any idea why, but I like noodles and I like cinnamon, but combined…yuck!

In reference to all of the haters, I’ll borrow a quote from Drake.  I can’t stand the rapper, but he has a good point when he says “What am I doin?  That’s right, I’m doin me”.  For any success, there’ll be people who dislike you and unfortunately there are a lot of quasi crazy people who are inbetween needing medicine to calm them down and needing treatment…somehow all of them seem to post comments on iTunes!  I’ll do my best to put up a good review when I’m not so busy.

I know you don’t like dogs but my girlfriend and I have a maltese poodle and he’s about the size of a medium cat.  Yeah, he’s still in the yippy size but very pleasant.  My parents have cats so that’s what I’m used to, but it’s nice to have a dog follow you around versus a cat who looks at you and laughs while it falls back asleep.