Give Randy a Break!

Hey Guys,

I driving in my car today when I was listening to episode 559 “I Banged a Tranny Burger” when I came across Randy revealing how he had a disastrous trip to Jack in the Box. After hearing what he eaten, I was pretty shocked considering that’s a lot of food. I use to be a pretty fat guy myself, tipping the scales at 260, and even I was horrified to hear how much he had eaten in one sitting. Well, after I got back home, I was genuinely curious how much he really did eat, and to my surprise, it wasn’t nearly as much as you guys made it seem to be. As I took a look at the nutritional content of each item, it seems that the total of his adventure was just under 2000 calories and a bit over 100 grams of fat. Now, I’m not saying Randy had the most healthiest of binges, but it’s not like he ate enough for 3 straight days in one sitting. Now, I’m not a nutritionist or anything, but as far as I know, the amount of calories necessary to maintain a degree of health is proportionate to someone’s body weight, the average being 2000 calories, in contrast to Gina’s assumption of 1200. As a result, rather than be totally horrified at Randy’s adventure into food, I now see it as him just having an extreme case of the high munchies. And again, I’m not saying that was the right move for someone who’s looking to move towards a healthier lifestyle, but at least give him a break since he didn’t nearly do as bad as you make it out to be.
Hope you keep eating healthy and keep on your fastfood break Randy! I haven’t eaten fastfood regularly in 2 year and I hope you can become like that soon too.
Your big fan,