“girly” gun

Hi Gina, Randy and Elijah,

Love the podcast and the three of you! This whole “girlie” gun debate got the feminist in me thinking and while I don’t exactly want to defend the woman who called a 9mm a “girlie” gun, I have to point out that we’ve allowed the term “girlie” to be synonymous with “pussy.”  In attempt to end the big debate, I propose we choose to look at “girlie” in a less demeaning way and twist her words to show just how awesome Gina is for shooting a 9mm. “Girlie” with respect to guns now officially means “bad ass” in my book because any chick shooting a gun is pretty fucking hot. Just a thought 🙂
Anyway, I love listening every day.  Wish I still lived in California so I’d be closer to you (and In ‘n’ Out) but you should seriously come up north to Washington! Lots of good hiking and THE BEST beer battered fish and chips, Randy.
Thanks for all the laughs!