Gina’s Tire Pressure Warnings

hey Gina,
I just wanted to let you know a few facts about the tire pressure sensor in your car, Gina.
My car’s low pressure tire sensor just lit up like a Christmas tree last week and I initially attributed it to the cold weather because when it gets cold, the tire pressure drops.  So I took my car in to the tire shop just to make sure and they made sure each tire was filled up properly and when I left, my light turned off.  So I was thinking it must have just been a little bit low on one of the tires.
Well, a day or two ago, my tire pressure light came on again so I was like, what the heck!?  Now I’m thinking that maybe it wasn’t a cold/hot issue where my tire pressure dropped.  I think it takes a lot more than that to trigger the light.  So I took it in again today and it turns out there was actually a screw in one of my tires and that was the culprit and the leak was very slow so that’s why my light stayed off for half a week until it came on again when the pressure reached a certain low threshold that triggered the warning light.
But you mentioned on the show that your light was on and then it turned off.  That probably means that your tire pressure in one of the tires is borderline on the threshold that turns that warning light on.  You should just make sure your tires are filled to the appropriate level, usually 32psi per tire.  If you take it to any reputable tire shop, they’ll just fill those up for you and check the pressure levels for free while you wait.  Since your light turned off on its own, I’m guessing it was just an issue of it being that your pressure in one of your tires is right at that threshold of triggering the alarm which means you need to get some air in that tire.  It is possible that you might have a nail or screw in said tire as well, like mine, which might have a very slow leak.  Have them check for that or do a visual inspection yourself!