Gina’s Documentary Recommendations

Dear Gina Grad

I wanted to say that I watched “Touching the Void” this weekend and I must say that it was a tremendous tale of a man that is far manly than I could ever be. The environmental and psychological setbacks that he endured only highlighted his true strength and his story shows that he greatly surpasses us common men. It put my weakness on display as I watched his triumphant story unfold. The seven days that he shared with a desolate part of the world put all of my problems and meager trials to shame. Throughout the movie I counted about 3 times that I would have just given up (one being when he wet on himself). By the end I felt small and insignificant because I actively choose to work and raise a family instead of reaching for a grandiose goal that tests my humanness to its very fiber.

So, immediately afterward, I watched the “The Wonderful and Wild Whites West Virginia” and HOLY CRAP! I’ve never felt so proud of my attempt at seeking decency. I may be a small cog in the machine of society but at least I’m not tap-dancing on a “pic-a-nik” table with hole in my brain caused by sniffing gas fumes while my wife snorts a powdery white substance off the back of a toilet tank right before she goes into rehab so she can get her baby back from “The Man”.

I’M A WINNER! I skipped a dose of prozac and had a guilt-free bowl of kid’s cereal.

Thanks Gina (and Randy) for all your hard work and recommendations. As long as you continue to podcast, I’ll continue to listen.

Mike, Colorado