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The Mental Illness Happy Hour #20: Gina Grad
In his “fear-off,” a weekly recitation of anxieties, fears, and terrors, Paul Gilmartin says he worries that his show will become repetitive—which he confesses during a recurring feature. Judging by his lively and engaging conversation with radio personality and The Pretty Good Podcast host Gina Grad, he has nothing to worry about. Like some of the podcast’s other guests, Gad at first seems too ebullient, cheerful, and godforsakenly happy to be on a podcast about mental illness, but she proves an insightful, funny, and enormously appealing guest. The conversation is never stronger than when Gad and Gilmartin discuss the psychological and spiritual ramifications of having sex with someone you don’t like or respect, and the negative consequences of being overly nice and accommodating in the wrong situation. Grad even has great practical advice: She says telling someone she’s with that she suspects she might have a panic attack in the near future immediately takes the panic away. The Mental Illness Happy Hour isn’t just entertaining—it’s educational too.