Gina- brief, non douchey health advice

Dearest Gino,
Love your show and both you studs. Hate to hear that you’re sick a lot–that’s no fun. Here’s my, er, unsolicited take!
Kerri Kasem is nuts. BUT, do yourself a HUGE favor and trot on down to a health food store and invest in those large dose, multivitamin mineral packs, and take them every day! I sure noticed the difference within a very short time, and no one over the age of 5 ever died from an overdose of vitamins; your body apparently takes what it needs, and sends the rest to your toilet. I’m 20 years older than you, but rarely get sick now, and can actually drink moderately again without a subsequent week of lethargy! I know you’d feel better, and for sure be healthier. Just a thought. We love you. Peas.