Gina and Randy show

Hey, so I didn’t realize that I could watch the G&R show for free! Just on a whim, I tried the link and low and behold, there you are!  Great show and it was fun to put some animation to your faces finally.

I wanted to tell Elijah that I thoroughly enjoyed his Winning lip sync. He had me rolling on the floor! Keep working out for the ladies, were I in your country (and not happily married) I would do my best to get in on your action.

Oh, and Randy, as Gina learned in Florida, you happen to live in a city that prizes skinny but you are a very cute puppy dog (or man as I would put it) and you shouldn’t put yourself down, you are a catch. Anyone who cleans up their puke is a keeper as far as I’m concerned 😉

Gina, you’re gorgeous and I didn’t notice a sweat ‘stash. No homo.

Love the show and the podcast, D

Ps, gays can marry in Canada – all of Canada, not just certain provinces.