Gina and Randy Show 9/11

Hey guys, I should be making a diagram right now, hell should’ve done it an hour ago, but I had to tune into the show, and so glad I did. Even though I caught less than an hour of it, it’s good medicine for me.

I was just off work at 7, got to around my neighborhood about 7:30 to a friend’s house, long story short I got in a crash, again. Not my fault and nobody’s hurt. The guy hit the back of my truck and spun me around, thankfully its still driveable. Obviously someone doesn’t want me to have a working vehicle for long periods of time because this is the second crash in the truck (previous one also not my fault), and we *just* won a battle with the damn DMV smogging registration.

I just felt so defeated by the time I got home, I just wanted drinks and get drunk because I was so bleh. Tuned into you guys, and within minutes I’ve forgotten all about it and was happy again, even to the point of telling the Peeps in chat “Yea I was in a car crash, some details on my wall, leave me alone about it I’m watching GnRnE, fuck off.” For the rest of that hour I was just more happier than I expected to be, and forgotten about everything and was able to relax more. It made life more manageable again.

I still need a drink because I have the adrenaline edgyness going still since I’m thinking about it again, but not as far to getting drunk like first planned. Thank you guys so much for what you do, you don’t even know. You’re helping people pass time and saving lives. Looking forward to the future podcasts.

~Bryan, BK.

PS. Damnit Gina I think we must’ve telepathically met like 8 years ago because i think you shared the Gina Car Crash curse with me, this is the third one I’ve been. I need to get a fucking Hummer or something, I always have a lot more damage than the other person.