Free at 25!

HI guys!  I’ve just listened to #443, Randy broke up with his girl. He says all these things about “I want to be free, I’m only 25!”
I’m 25 as well but in a bit different life then Randy, I’m married, with two kids and a house? It’s crazy how two people the same age can feel so differently. I think it’s great tho. I went thru the whole “free” Thing for about 2 yrs when i was 19. I was ready to get married and have kids! It could be a gender thing. My husband is 32, he was ready to get married when i met him. I do know that some people like lovely Gine really do enjoy and prefer to go solo. Have fun with people but, enjoy going home to their own space. Hey being married is hard too. Anyway just thought maybe you too would get a kicker out of my life.
Lots of love.