Fred Savage & The Wire

Hey Gina, Randy and Elijah,

Let me start off by saying that I finished the final season of The Wire about 2 weeks ago. I went on the Lost journey with you guys and have seen most of the shows that you guys talk about. When it comes to 1 hour dramas or even any show for that matter, The Wire has to be my favorite. Most of the talking heads in the “entertainment industry” constantly say that The Wire is one of the greatest shows of all time. No other show has been able to show the economic, social and political aspects and intertwine them into a great story. The character development in this show is also on another level.

Okay…now onto Fred Savage. At first it seemed like Randy wasn’t quite into the idea of the show. I think it was Randy who asked what he looked like. IIRC, Gina’s response was he was “pinchable cute” back then. To that Randy responded, “hmm. Maybe I will check it out.”

What the H!!!!

Well keep watching The Wire, you will not regret it.

Listen to ya later,