Freaky Friday…

What a week in podcast! Randy…you rockin’ stud. You are great the way u are! The advice is solid…Act like you don’t care about what people/women think. We all love u!

Gina…an orgy…really? What can I say? AWESOME!!! You go gurl! Would love to have been a fly on that wall. I thought the same thing that Not (sp?) did about the gay comment. I knew what u meant though. I’m sure he’ll get mileage out of that for a bit.

Elijah…Are you feeling the need for penicillin about now?

I love you all. Your show is the bright spot in my day.

If you could end one of your shows with this song I would love it!

“Let’s Get Wild” by Elena Paparizou’

It’s not on iTunes though.

Thanks for all that u do!

Jim Canelake