Yeah I had to make up a word.  A teeny backstory, Cal hates Stanford and as such hates the color red.  We’ve played the rivalry game for over 100 years.  Wikipedia for you:

In any case, Cal came down to USC to play a game and I went. There’s a tradition that if anyone wears red to a Cal game everyone chants “take off that red shirt” until the offender’s shirt is removed and destroyed. It’s better when a girl wears it, for obvious reasons.  So anyways, a USC player’s 2-3 year old kid wanders into the Cal section for whatever reason, wearing a tiny USC jersey and the crowd starts BLASTING the kid with this chant. And it spreads like a virus outward from the aisle until it covers about 2 section s(~250 people). Don’t get me wrong, I bleed blue and gold, but it’s just a lost little kid. This went on a solid 2 minutes until the baby momma finally scooped up the kid. Egg. On. Face.


As always, love the show.