Episode #550

Hey PGP!
Congrats on #550. Still love, love, LOVE this show!!! It is still my #1 listen on my iPod. For me, this is huge, given that I have nearly 15,000 songs on my iPod, and I’ve sort of ignored them for you;)
Now as for episode 550, what can I say? Oh Randy! You are over analyzing the dating thing and you are way too down on yourself. Fuck it that you are a little overweight. The RIGHT woman will see the wonderful person that you are, both inside and outside, and it won’t matter. She is out there, but don’t look for it. Believe me, she will come to you, cliche as it sounds. It will work.
Gina, what was with the commando missions that led to, oh, nothing? I thought you were going to do a surprise for A leaving the T & A sandwich. What were you doing?
Elijah, you rock! Will you become Elijah, PRO-ducer of Lil’ John Productions, exclusive to PGP? I think the next iteration of the tee shirt should include you…shouldn’t it Randy and Gina?
Am hoping that I will be able to join you on the next PGP trip like you did in Las Vegas. If we do, I definitely do want to do the jump!
Cheers, Nostrovia, Salud, Hugs (no-homo)!
Your faithful PGPeep – Jim