Elijah Black

Elijah Black is the producer of the Pretty Good Podcast and The Kerri Kasem Podcast. He also currently does freelance work for various companies including, Guerrilla Union, Wonderbox Studios, Be Real Management/ Marketing and Network Capital Funding. Fresh out of graduating from college in 2009, he just wanted to get on the ground floor and work his way up from whatever he could find as long as it was in the entertainment field. Answering a craigslist ad for an intern gig got him a spot helping Kerri Kasem and Ashley Marriot with their podcast venture during its beginning stages. As the show progressed, Kerri Kasem took in Elijah to become editor for the Mortgage Radio Show which currently broadcasts all over the country.

While working both shows with Kasem, he gained a greater respect and love for podcasting and wanted even greater responsibilities in this medium. When Randy Wang let it be known that a little help was needed with The PGP, Elijah volunteered. With time, everything just fit.  To this very day Elijah has taken to task doing everything possible to fill any holes necessary to make the PGP as great as it can be whether it’s filming, photography or just making sure the Gina Grad knows where her phone is.

Elijah loves doing whatever the heck you see him doing whether its filmmaking, music production, computers, videogames, basketball and much more if you listen carefully.