Hey PGP crew, I was listening to you talking about earthquakes, and wanted to tell you about the 4 hurricanes that hit florida within less than 30 days. The first hurricane, (Charlie) hit at about 9 at night. It was the first hurricane that I could remember. The scary thing was the weatherman telling us the exact point at Which the power would go out, and sure enough it did… I was luck fuuuuuuuuckkkk… But it was fun going out when the eye passed over. Power was out for over 10 days, worst time ever. Then the 3rd hurricane to come through was Francis. This was supposed to be worse than Charlie so my family evacuated to my sisters in Georgia. This really sucked because it was the day of my birth and my dad had to stay in Orlando… So for 3 days me and my brother had our birthdays without our dad. Not fun times. Any way great show keep up the good work. You should come to florida at some point. Thanks again

With love:  Matt