Dust Off Your Cartridge

Hey, G.R.E!

Long time no email. 🙂  I just got done with #548 (“Nobody Wants To See Your Penis”), and first let me just say, that Loan Mart live read was huh-larious.  I remember the first standoff, which was also super-funny, but on this one when Elijah broke in with the Lil Jon, I lost my shit. I laughed so hard and so loud, I disturbed many innocent passers-by. So…once again, well done, PGP. 🙂

But enough of that.  That Thomas the Tank/Biggie Smalls mashup was great!  I quite enjoy mashups, myself, and I thought I’d send you my favorite from the hip-hop vs. kid’s music genre.  I enjoy this webcomic called Dinosaur Comics, and a few years back, as a joke, the comic mentioned someone mashing up Jay-Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” with some theme music from Super Mario Bros. 3.


Not long after, of course, fans being what they are, someone actually made the mashup.  Someone named “Joahmonkey” is responsible, and it is pretty well done.


I hope you enjoy it.  I figure the old school gamers will cotton on to the melody right away.  Especially fun is when it starts to break down about 1:15 in. 🙂

As always, I’m loving the show.  I don’t write or call nearly as much as I should, since you guys keep me company and make my day every day, but I am, like so many others, just silently enjoying the hell out of you all — each and every show.  Keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next show.  And the one after, and the one after…

Hope you’re all well.  I remain, as always, your loyal fan.

Boom flashy flashy,
 – Rob Slackery

P.S. I mentioned this on Facebook, but I’ll tell you guys here, too…I felt like the PGP last week so full of love!  I can’t remember all the reasons now, but I remember with Teresa Strasser being in, Mama Grad being in (SUPER-sweet episode, by the way; Gina, your mom is awesome!), Randy’s family time in the weecap…I don’t know, it just seemed like so much with the warm fuzzies.  Just another reminder why the PGP is so great.  It’s not just laughs; it’s love.  Nobody knows it better than the PGPeeps. 🙂  I live all the way out in New York, and /still/ I feel like all my best new friends are out in L.A. just through the PGP and the PGPeep page.  You guys are the best!