Drinkify – I can’t stop

Randy Gina + Elijah

You are all too cool not to have heard of this website – ( you may have already mentioned it, I am only up to episode #572)
I have been wasting my day entering my entire music catalog

When I entered Lisa Donnelly 2 ‘N’s 2 ‘L’s it suggested a glass of white w(h)ine which I assume is a glitch in the system and not a comment on Lisa’s singing.

Just thought I would share this entertaining time waster.
I have been listening to the podcast since whitman’s backyard and you guys keep getting better.


P.S. Randy I have been waiting for you to get a couple of relationships under your belt before I share my advice with you but I can’t wait any longer – all relationships with the opposite sex are summed up perfectly in the book High Fidelity by Nick Hornby – since you don’t read -I can only suggest that you download an unabridged audiobook to listen to while swimming with that waterproof iPod or as a last resort watch the Hollywood version with John Cusack but only as a last resort.
P.P.S. yes I have had relationships and am currently in my 15th year of marriage. That is not a recommendation.