Hi Gina, Randy, and E. 🙂

I had the craziest dream last night that involved you so I just HAD to write (more on that below).

First, I was thinking about Gina’s “naked dream” and my theory is Gina is trying to promote acceptance and tolerance! Awesome right?! She’s saying….”hey, i’m naked…quit freaking out….accept it and move on….there are larger things to focus on here {like the bride!}”. She’s trying to tell people that we are all different and some are more extreme than others but it shouldn’t matter – everyone should embrace eachother’s differences. What an insightful thing to dream about!!

As for me, last night I dreamt that the Gina, Randy, and I (why wasn’t elijah there? boo) went to INDIA to visit “the worlds largest lake”….it was crazy! We walked across the desert and over this tiny foot bridge that took us across the lake. No one spoke english! After that, we were in NYC, but it was way more rural than the real NYC. We went to a cake shop to watch the bakers film a commercial for their business. It was at that point that Gina and Randy realized they were really made for eachother and decided to be together forever – so crazy I know!! We left the cake shop and went to the liquor store where Gina announced she was PREGNANT and that she had to have a bottle of Tequlia NOW. She filled up the entire shopping basket with goodies and Randy followed behind her and put everything back on the shelf. Next, we took a trolley to the country-side to go sledding in the snow. We were driving around looking for a good sledding hill and just as we were about to get out, someone stopped us and asked if we could help him unload the groceries out of his car. Then, I woke up REALLY LATE for work!!!!!! It was so disturbing and weird but awesome to be your friends for a few hours. 🙂

Enough blabbing, I LOVE the show. I have been a loyal listener for over a year now and you just keep getting better and better – the show has really gone to the next level, the structure, the commitment, the producing. 🙂 Keep up the great work – you make my life better! Love you guys in Seattle, XO!