Double Rainbow, Crickets, Xbox, TV…lalalaa.

Hi my friends,

I know i’m late on some of this but before I forget –

  • I had NEVER heard of double rainbow until Randy played it!! He’s so right that not everyone hears everything!


  • Remember how awkward and uncomfortable it was to listen to Randy try to get Appolonia and Amber to kiss? Well, that’s how I felt listening to Gina try to get Randy/Elijah to eat crickets! I just thought it was funny that you both did the same thing within a week of eachother but maybe didn’t realize it. Don’t get me wrong….I still love you all to bits.


  • My husband says to play “Portal” or “Portal 2” on Xbox….I don’t know what it’s about because I can’t take that stuff but he loves it.



  • Thanks for all the awesome TV suggestions. I need a new show to love so i’m hoping to check out the league and Archer in the next few weeks. I thought the pilot of shameless was good, I just need to get the rest of the episodes. I’ve also NEVER seen six feet under so I guess I need to check that out if it’s so life changing…too bad I have to work everyday, I could just stay home and watch TV!

Keep up the great work!

e m i l y