Doing the Jerk Out!

Hey Randy, Gina,  and Mr. Black,
Let me tell you  about  2 adventures I have had dealing with  people  jerking it.
About 10 years  I went to a Taco Bell with my first wife, didn’t go thru the drive thru  but  went inside. Well  when I got out of my car  I happened to look insidethe car next to me and saw a  naked fat lady, surrounded  by  porno  mags all over the car seat. I looked around and thinking  WTF is going on here. I looked straight at lady again and  procced to watch her  goingto town on herself  black dong,  this lady  was working it like I’d never seen before. Well  at some point my wife was like  what are u looking at, so I  motion to her and she’s inside  Taco Bell to tell  the staff to call the Police! I told damn” You could have let her finish!”
Another time  at the local  Adult Video store,  me and some of my friends went to the back to the booths  to watch some videos. About 45 seconds I hear  my  friend call my name outloud and say “Hey  get the F$ck  out of here!” So  of course I got up and ran  to  where he was at  and I see some  guy  running out of the store holding his pants up. I ask  my friend  what happened andhe  says “The guy came  into his booth,  with his  scholng  out, jerking it like there’s was no tomorrow!”
Well I think that’s all the Jerk out stories I have.