Dick pics

I know you guys may make this kind of topic response anonymous anyway, but just thought I’d restate it anyway.

So I have a few tales, that I actually have experience with the dick pics. I’ll go through them short and sweet, but there’s one tale that I’ll tell at the end that’s actually pretty funny.

A few years ago I have been kinda hooking up with this girl online from an online game. We talked a lot, shared Myspaces (this is how long ago it was), it eventually went to cybersexing a few times. We upgraded eventually to webchat, and she did some boobage play for me a few times, even sent me a couple pics for me to keep. Unfortunately I only have one, the other got lost in between this when my laptop screwed up an update and bricked. Anyway, that eventually led to some other story that I won’t get into right now, but it was all good times.

And jump forward to just this past year with my last ex gf. Short version, she’s a visual stimulation woman, and was let’s say frustrated while we were texting and didn’t have anything for her to look at. Boom flashy flashy that’s how it started with the pic trades, most I’ve kept because she has some fucking hot pics that I respectfully would never share as a revenge tool.

Now to the tale. I was taking a full-bodied skin pic with my bathroom mirror. Kinda messing around trying to get a good angle and all that, my camera’s autoface detection, which doesn’t do anything anyway, activated and started doing the search around. Well, because I’m kinda a big guy I’m not all that toned. I watch the visual in embarassment as I see the camera’s detection square around my moobs and belly button, making a big face on my torso. It looked like my stomach had a super surprised expression on it’s face.

Needless to say when i sent that pic and told my ex the story behind it, she was laughing so much I almost got her caught with it. Here’s to the next year of many more dick pics and pecs pics for all!