Dave Rich And Nichole Cee

DaveRich and NicholeCee are two of Gina and Randy’s favorite peeps.  Not only do they have a kickass house that G&R are sometimes invited to, but they do a tribute podcast to the PGP called the PGPeepCast!
Having given Gina a 9mm Ruger for her birthday so she can feel both powerful and protected, DR and NC are as sweet as they are raunchy and boy do they LOVE to have a good time everywhere they go! (As long as there’s a DD available).
The point is…They’re awesome and Gina and Randy couldn’t be happier to know them.

PGP #569 – Doin It For The Peeps

Gina and Randy are LIVE At The Orange Show Speedway As Randy is about to strap on a racing helmet and take part in a good ol fashioned destroy the boat race! Thanks To ALL The PGPeeps who came out to support us on saturday!!!


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