Da na na na na na, you say its your birthday!

Hey G, R and E! First off all, congrats on 603 episodes, I’m proud to say that, oh nothing, I’ve listened to every one of them. Because of Randy, if I’m not listening to the PGP, I’m listening to KFI.. which is totally fine, except that I live in Jersey. I don’t know, is it bad that I know more about news and traffic in L.A. than in my own state? haha And it’s also because of you guys that I have things like Breaking Bad, Archer, Arrested development, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Jesse Jackson, Lockup and oh yeah.. LOST in my life. I would have never been introversed into these things if it weren’t for you guys.. so for that, thank you.
Gotta mention this, A few shows ago, you guys were talking about Hanson. I can’t believe I’m doing this right now but I have to defend them. While Mmmbop, is lame, you can NOT deny that “Penny And Me” is a great song. If you haven’t heard it, give it a good listen! Say what you want about them but I actually played with them about 5 years ago, and they had hundreds of rabid fans lined up for hours before the show, Crazy!!!
Anyway, the reason that I’m writing is that my 33rd birthday is coming up on Christmas Day, and, you know…. I was kinda hoping for a shout out? (Huuggge shout-out) I think Gina had a theory about how odd numbered birthdays are way better than even numbered ones… i’ll go with that.
Congrats again on 603 episodes. I feel like the best compliment I can pay you guys is to tell you that when I talk about something one of you said, my instinct is to refer to you guys as my friends although we haven’t met. Can’t wait til you guys make it out to NY sometime, looking forward to an East-Coast-Peep-Party! Anyway Its 1:30 AM, time to smoke a bowl and listen to show #603
The JerseyPeep,
P.S. ordered some guitar accessories today by clicking through to Amazon. What what!!!