D Etiquette 101

There’s been so much dick pic talk lately I’ve been thinking that should be some kind of etiquette governing the whole the dick pkck thing.

First, whenever someone gets kidnapped in movies or TV the kidnapper always sends the family a picture of the person holding up a newspaper to show the  date.  To prove the person is alive.

I think this could be applied to dick pics. Cuz how do you know the dick pic you’re getting is really from the sender? The sender should have to hold up a newspaper from his local paper. There’s a “headline” joke in there somewhere.

The second thing is dudes will have a tendency to exaggerate the truth so speak with some creative angle shots and the zoom. The best way to judge is to go old school. In print adds they used to put a dime next to the product for scale so you can judge the size. The dude has to put a coin in the shot so you can judge size. As an added bonus the coin the guy uses will really let you know what he’s working with. Is he dime guy, a nickle, quarter or silver dollar guy?

Food for thought! Speaking of which I’ve given this way too much!