Customer Service Story

Hey GR&E

Real quick, my best customer service success/failure (you can be the judge) was that I was having satellite tv installed at my house and was paying the $100 installation fee for the dude to hook everything up, point the dish, and run the wires, etc.

Well, the dude told me he could not and would not run the wires where I had asked, so when I contacted customer service and asked for my money back, they refused. When I threatened to cancel my service and go with cable, they put me through to the retention department. They also would not refund my $100 but instead offered me $175 in programming credits on my account.

In the end, I had to run the cables myself, but the company spent more on programming then they would have on installation… go figure, spend a dollar to save a quarter.


Keep up the great work and thanks for making me laugh every day.

Oh, and randy, loose the pajama pants. Be a man, not a teenage girl.


Gary from Canada.