CSI for Auntie Pam

Hi all, Here’s a story about children lying, and I dedicate it to Aunti Pam.

My 7 year old son came to me claiming that my 5 year old son had bit him on the arm. The 5 year old was a biter, but had gotten over it around 4. Upon examining said bite I noticed that the bite mark was missing two front teeth. The 5 year old had his, 7 year old, not so much. Asked him if he bit himself to get his brother in trouble, and nailed him, CSI Pacifica. He folded like a house of cards.

And not for nothing Italians do not hate black people!!! I couldn’t believe my ears when Elijah said that! I’m up in SF. You might be getting less love in LA or Jersey type areas, but you’ll get nothing but sugar up here. Some of my best gay boyfriends are black.

Love you guys! Your podcast is the best – Jennie