Costco/popchips/ Burts Bees lotion

Hey PGP,
Just finished listening to the weekend recap and I totally felt like I had to email right away…Randy, I too, got my Costco on, on Sunday and I DO agree that the sample stands have gotten really crappy. There was not ONE sample worth trying on this visit.  However, regarding popchips,  HOW DAAAARE YOOOU, pop chips are the BEST!! They are my guilt free indulgence and I have turned quite a few people on to the popchip craze.
Gina…per your suggestion, I bought and used the Burts Bees lotion and OH MY GOD…it is AWESOME!!  My new favorite product. I am a lotion addict.  Seeing people with dry/ashy skin is seriously a pet peeve of mine so I am contantly lotioning and now it will be with Burts Bees.
Love the show, hopefully I am able to make the food truck festival so I can meet you guys finally, I really want to get a pic with my name twin 🙂