Correction on your monday episode

The tilted kilt is not Irish but Scottish. The Irish are gingers, great at rugby and make Guiness. They are an Independent country on an Ile West of Britain, and is divided between Northern Ireland, capital Belfast (part of the United Kingdom) and the Republic of Ireland, capital Dublin. On the other hand Scotland is at the North of Britain. It is currently part of the United Kingdom but they are to have a referendum about independence. They had a decent rugby team but kinda suck these days, former PM Gordon Brown is scottish but probably more famous (especially in the US) William Wallace a.k.a. Braveheart is scottish.
Love the show, it was litteraly the thing that kept me walking in the bmistering wind and rain of Cwmbran, Wales to go to a practice. Although I might be the only person to listen to you guys down here in Swansea you are apreciated worldwide!