Conflict Resolution

Hey guys,
I’m a kinda new PGPeep, I started listening to your podcast after your first show at Toad Hop studios.  I’m way behind on podcasts (I’m at the beginning of January 2011), but wanted to tell you I love the show.  I’ve gotta be honest and say I’ll probably never tip y’all more than $4.99 because I can’t pay you more than I pay my “1st loves” Heidi & Frank, but should their monthly subscription cost go up, then my donation to y’all will go up to match.
Okay, now to the conflict resolution part, Gina, I really like you, as a matter of fact you’re my fav (Randy shouts too much and I can’t really relate to him), but I’ve gotta call ya out.  In a podcast at the beginning of January of this year, you had a conflict resolution with Randy concerning how he told you he wanted to keep his house clean.  You told him that his approach and the words he used weren’t going to work on you, an adult, and he should change his approach if he wants you to pick your stuf up to keep his place neat.  Gina…..I was absolutely GOBSMACKED!!!  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  You walk into RANDY’S HOUSE, clutter it up, and then tell him how to ask you to keep things clean?  In your own words: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  You’re kidding right?  TLC or A&E should be calling you to get you on their hoarding shows, your attitude when you said that was of an “A” numero uno hoarder, failing to simply take responsibility for your crap and the effect it has on others.  Did you forget that Randy is also an adult?  And that it’s HIS HOUSE, so HIS RULES.  You are absolutely INSANE for telling him how he needs to talk to you to get you to pick your stuff up in HIS HOUSE!  Girl, if it were my house, and you said that to me, next time you came over, your crap would be on the front porch.  Think about it!
m’kay, now that conflict resolution is over, I do heart you guys, you make me laugh and if you’d quit with saying “oh nothing” then my world would be hunky dory…oh no wait, I was ‘sposed to be making a compliment sandwich with a helping filling of conflict resolution (FAIL)  Let’s try again.
Thanks for the laughs.  Keep up the great entertainment and I’ll keep downloading!