Clippers suck? Not the words of a sports fan…

Dear Gina and Randy,

I have a gripe with Randy concerning his claim that “now the Clippers suck”. Randy my man, I’m ecstatic that you’re getting into sports, but you gotta stop talking with all this confidence man when you make bold statements. Sure, they lost a key player in their line up and they lost a game to the worst team in the league, but look at their other accomplishments. So far, they still hold their place as number 2 in the west. That’s not an easy feet my friend. Secondly, they recently won a BIG game against the 76ers, which if you didn’t know, were number 1 in the east at the time. Third of all, they have two starting all star players still in their line up, proving that they still post a huge threat to teams.
What I’m trying to say through all this is you can’t measure a team’s value simply on one win or one loss. Just because a team beats the Thunder or the Bulls doesn’t instantly elevate them to the top of the league. On the other hand, just because the Clippers lose to the Cavs doesn’t drop them to the worst in the league.
As I said earlier, I’m thrilled that you’re getting into sports, but come on man, don’t get over your head about all this and throw out such bold statements. Remember, less than a year ago, you were the one who didn’t even know the Texans were a team when you got their jersey. This is just from one sports fan to another; nothing bothers me more when people make such bold statements without knowing the facts or statistics behind it. Hope this can help ya out brotha!
Aside from that, I’m still a huge fan.