Cirque du Soleil story

Hi guys;
Just listened to PGP#590 in which Gina described going to see a Cirque du Soleil.  Yes, Ms Grad CdS is truly a magical and beautiful experience.  I’ve see a half dozen of their shows over the year and have never failed to be moved.  Your talking about ‘Iris’ reminded me of something that had happened to me at one of the shows.
It was a special occasion and my lovely wife had sprung for ‘tapis rouge’ service for a performance of ‘Corteo’.  In addtion to other goodies, we had excellent seats, in the 4th row.  As luck would have it, I was on the aisle seat, and thus vulnerable.
‘Corteo’ is a somewhat dark show, as the title refers to a funeral cortege, and there are lots of reference to death.  At the beginning of the show, when the clowns are out in audience and having their fun, several of them were hauling around a coffin and looking for a body to stuff into it.  Now being a man of somewhat substantial girth and possessing, I am told, a less-than-welcoming countenance, I was the perfect victim for their stunt.  Two of the of the clowns manhandled me out of my seat, turned me around to face the audience and then proceeded to back me into the coffin.  The coffin was rather shallow, and I am not, so the joke of course, was that I wasn’t going to fit.  The oddest moment was when one of the clowns pressed on my belly, looked me straight in the eye and said quietly (just for me–he wasn’t miked) “Think small” and then proceeded to try to close the coffin lid on me.  Repeatedly.  I was rescued only by the appearance of a cadaverous undertaker clown on stilts who unceremoniously dismissed me as unsuitable and ran the others off.
Cirque shows are an amazing mix of music, costuming and astonishing human abilities–they’re just awesome.  I’m glad you got to go. And your story prompted me to look into getting tickets for ‘Iris’ for my wife’s b-day next month.
Be good.
Your pal,
Doctor W