Celebrity sightings

Hey Gina and randy, I’m a few days behind and listened to the show where you were talking about celebrity sightings and I’ve had some obscure ones. My first was a Hulk Hogan and Brutis the barber Beefcake, they were opening a bar and chicken place in yorba Linda. My next one was Sasha Mitchell the stoner neighbor on step-by-step, I saw him in a Big Lots shopping in chino hills. Then I saw the little neighbor kid from Hanging With My Cooper, I actually took care of his Pomeranian at the kennel where I work. We have also taken care of Snoop Dogs Rottweiler, we never saw Snoop but his dog was cool. I think I met Brad Garrett  around the time he did a very short lived Munsters remake. So yeah I’ve seen a pretty Strange group.