Celebrity Sightings

Hey Gina (the Gorgeous one), Randy (he of the fuzzy p.j. pants), and Elijah (producer par excellance),

Just listened to PGP 625 and all your celebrity sightings and meetings; and just felt the need to tell you my favorite meet.

First of, Gina, you are absolutely correct about the big stars being (as a rule) nicer than the the minor celebs.  I work in a Concert Hall here in Berlin which is normaly used for Classic music.  I have met all the major conductors in the the world, Simon Rattle, Daniel Barionborn, Kurt Sanderling, Kent Nagano and so forth.  The are without exception, all extremely nice and polite.  However, when one of these pimply kids who have just finished their exams from music collage comes in to conduct;  you can rest assured he will be pissed that his dressing room is not the way he wants it, and why doesn’t anyone know who he is, I mean, they really think they are the shit.

However:  I stray.

The house I currently work in, is occasionally used as a event location for seminars and work shops for major firms or associations.  One particular event was for International Capital Investment Opportunities in Computer Technologies.  The key not speaker was none other than Bill Gates.  Naturally everything was planned down to the minute.

When security would be in place.

When the house would be searched for explosives,

and most importantly:  When he (as all the coordination staff reverently referred to Bill Gates).

Well, Mr. Gates walked in, quite alone (he had escaped his security detail at the hotel) and about 2 hours ahead of schedule.  He politely introduced himself (as if it were neccesary), and asked for directions to the confrence site.

I told him how to get there and mentioned that they would probably not be ready for him as his security detail was not even scheduled to arrive for another hour.

His endearing response was to giggle (yes giggle) and say some thing to the effect of I, know, they are just going to freak out.  I love doing this to them, they all take it so seriously.

He then went unescorted to the confrence hall; where they did in fact all freak out at his presence.

I have met many other stars and personalities in my job, but this short encounter is one of my favorite memories.

Keep up the great work and I can not wait to hear the big discussion next week.

As I have said before, you are my slice of American Life here in Berlin, and I grow fonder of you with every passing podcast.

Talk at ya later,