Cats, computer stores & car tires

Hey GRE –
Just finished listening to PGP #565 (from 10/18), and wanted to drop a quick note with some questions & comments about the show.
Gina – I know it’s not ideal, but would Sushi and Gazpacho’s owner be interested in sending the cats to the DC area? I ask because my friends, sadly, had to put down their cat yesterday, and are looking to adopt one or two more. I realize it’s not ideal, but if you friend is interested, I’ll pitch the idea to my friends. I’d offer to take them, but we already have two cats in our small house.
Computer Stores!
Randy – I couldn’t agree more about Game Stop employees. The employees at every store I’ve ever visited seem like judgemental a-holes. So, no, it’s not just the one near you.
Computer Stores (part two)!
I’m in advertising/marketing, and at a recent conference, I was talking to a guy who mentioned that surveys have shown that 75% of Apple customers leave the store feeling “fulfilled”, even if they don’t buy anything. What are they serving at that Genius Bar? Apple Kool-Aid.
Car Tires!
Gina – I’m a car guy, and my wife also drives a Mazda with the tire pressure monitors. They are built into the valve stems on the tires (where you put the air in), and measure the air pressure inside the tires. Once one of the four tires drops below 26psi, the light goes on. If you have a situation where you turn the car on, the tire light goes on (ours also beeps), but then goes off, you’re probably right at 25psi. As you drive the car, the air in the tires heats up, which increases the tire pressure enough to where it crosses the 26psi threshold, and the light goes out. I figure that Elijah has probably already knows all this and explained it to you (lilke the stud he is), but thought I’d mention it anyway. Don’t forget to check the tire pressure in the spare tire, too!
As a bonus tip for anyone with tire pressure monitors, check to see if you have metal caps that screw onto the valve stems. If you do, I HIGHLY encourage you to remove them and replace them with plastic ones ($2 at any auto parts store). My wife’s car had them, and they were fine until I tried to unscrew one and snapped the valve stem. Since it’s part of the sensor, it cost us $156 to have it replaced and the tire re-mounted!
In any event, keep up the good work, and thanks again for everything that the three of you do for us, the listeners and fans!
PGP Christian