The Gina And Randy Show

The Gina and Randy Show 08.17.12

On today’s Gina and Randy live from ToadHop Network’s our brand new studio, we bring some awesome news to get you through your weekend including who could be the real life Walter White, people with terrible names, Dominos Pizza teaming with Cinnabon, and so much more. Also in the second half, special guest, Scott Sandland stops by to help out Randy who’s dealing with some inner turmoil.


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The Gina and Randy Show 08.03.12

On another edition of the Gina and Randy show, Gina brings in the fashion frames to show off her new look, chik-fil-a is all over the headlines, some guy eats a dog under the influence, terribly ratty restaurants, the real Octomom,  a senator who got caught “grinding,” Calvin “The Lion” Broadus, and all the craziness surrounding the olympics. All that and your phone calls of course today on the Gina and Randy Show. Watch It LIVE


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The Gina And Randy Show – 07.27.12

On today’s somewhat focused Gina and Randy show, some how Gina’s dive into Britain’s Got Talent had us talking about comedic ventriloquists. After all that, we get into the news talking about, the “Man Aisle,” Muppets Vs. Chik Fil a, condiments, really bad/sad Craigslist ads, and a real “brown” issue at the San Francisco Train Station.


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The Gina and Randy Show 07.20.12

Today we open the show expressing our condolences to the victims of gunfire in Colorado. Moving forward, we talk about the battle between Viacom and DirecTV, traits a certain religion hates about the patrons of comic-con, Honey BooBoo Child Gets her own show, why The Virgin Diaries is a must watch, why you should stay out of the hospital in July, and of course, Randy’s favorite position in baseball.


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