Car beater

It’s a long story, so unlike my voicemails I really will keep this short. My sister had a stalker in high school, creepy guy who hacked her instant messenger account, did this did that blabla. One day, she discovered that he was parked outside of her window, looking up and cranking it, she later found out he did this several times. She still has her bedroom windows closed because of that.

Good news was that she was in the marching band, and she was friends with a lot of good people, especially the drummers, tuba players, other trumpeters, all them. They… dealt with him to leave her alone. And by dealt I mean beat the living shit out of him. A few years later she and my parents went to the movies where he happened to work there at the ticket counter. He gave them all free tickets, and we never saw or heard from him again.

Seriously Gina, get some tazers with the longest launch distance you can find, then if he comes back you can shoot it at his lightswitch pecker. Or go to a gun range to practice your aiming and get a gun, but then again you could get in trouble for just pointing at an offensive dude… go with the tazer on second thought. But practice with guns nonetheless.